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Appliance Repair

Washing Machine Repair

With fast washing machine repair Toronto services, our company keeps your laundry room appliance in top notch condition. We provide regular maintenance service and quick repairs, replace the damaged washing machine parts, and are here to cover your installation needs. Next time you need any washing machine service in Toronto, Ontario, give us a call. We will be happy to fix problems and provide any requested service.

Call us now for urgent washer repair service

Washers are complex appliances. When they stop spinning or draining, it’s hard to explain the reasons.Washing_Machine_Repair With our troubleshooting expertise and washer repair experience, we can diagnose any issue with the appliance. So call us whenever you are in trouble. Our techs service most brands and all popular models. Contact Appliance Repair Toronto for:

  • Top load washing machine repair
  • Washer & dryer all-in-one service
  • Front load washer service
  • Service on any major brand
  • Compact washer machine repair

Our Toronto washing machine repair technicians fix problems in no time

Equipped with a plethora of washing machine repair parts and tools, our pros can fix any model and any problem.

  • Is your washing machine not draining?
  • Is the door not latching?
  • Does the appliance leak water?
  • Do you hear a strange sound during operation?
  • Is your laundry machine not spinning?
  • Is it dead?
  • It won’t start up?

There is always a very good explanation for any problem. In most cases, our washing machine technician detects burned out heating elements, torn door seals, and other damaged components. And that’s why it’s important for us to keep our vans stocked with replacement parts. We make sure the worn components are replaced and the appliance performs right. Being well prepared is our way to ensure quality laundry machine repair service.

What more can our washing machine repair Toronto experts do for you?

  • Washer installation – call us to install your new laundry machine. Whether this is a comb or independent unit, our expertise is guaranteed. We adhere to all safety standards and respect the new appliance’s specs to ensure correct installation.
  • Maintenance service – it’s vital to maintain your washer regularly. Its parts wear overtime and will most likely corrode questioning your safety. When the appliance is inspected and serviced annually, you will stop worrying about sudden problems.